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  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Yani, the founder of Studio 7.83 and gain insights into integrating AI tools into your design process.

  • Customised Training: Receive hands on training specific to your projects, enhancing your skills and expanding your creative possibilities.

  • Project Enhancement: Get detailed feedback and practical tips to refine your current designs and visualize new concepts with cutting-edge AI technologies.

What you'll gain

Whether your an architect, designer, developer or builder...

the tailored sessions I offer are designed to elevate your work through the innovative use of AI.

Unlock the Potential of
You x AI

"Yani's sessions come with immeasurable value and wisdom with regards to AI, design & sustainability. For those looking to become the next leaders of architecture & design world, definitely need to work with him!"

- Albert P. (Founder @ Accossa Lab)

Q&AI Session

Perfect for quick consultations. Get rapid insights and answers to your AI design questions.

(30 Mins)

Price: €78.3

Deep Dive AI Session

A comprehensive session to explore your design projects in detail, with personalized guidance and in-depth AI design assistance

(90 Mins)

Price: €208

AI Design Accellerator Package

Three tailored sessions to get you up to speed on AI design techniques and tools. Ideal for ongoing projects and deep learning.

3 Sessions x 60 Mins

Price: €387

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