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Don't Sleep on it!

"If you want to make the most of an AI tool, you've got to know how to talk to it" - You do that through PROMPTING. 

What's Prompting?

Prompting is the process of giving a detailed textual description to an AI generation tool.

This description helps the AI understand what kind of image to create.

Over the last year I have created a simple yet innovative method to creating Highly Accurate & Creative AI Imagery using only words.'s What's Included:


35 slides packed with the art of Mastering AI prompting using The SEPI² method.

The Art of PROMPTING  Video Lesson

A 30-minute session with a detailed explanation of the SEPI Method, practical applications, step-by step process, advanced tips and strategies for you to master AI prompting and create professional-grade images effortlessly.

THE KEYWORD  Cheat-sheet

An extensive list of carefully curated keywords for Sustainable Design to enhance and optimize your AI prompts.

(the keywords I use for all my concepts)

Use this list together with the SEPI Method for optimal results!

> Hey, This is Yani, The Human behind Studio 7.83

Together with AI, we have co-created over 100 concepts for some of the most exciting projects worldwide.

I call it "THE SEPI² METHOD".


We use this method to accurately describe to AI what we want it to visualise and to create all those amazing images you see on our Instagram.

AND, I have packaged it nicely for you into a mini-course with:

  • An E-book

  • A keyword cheat sheet

  • A live(recorded) lesson on how to use this method.

Special Discount valid until July 10th! Scroll down to see it!

Oh... AND you will also get access to a 30 min Live Lesson on AI Prompting

I just started using your SEPI method.. it's soo good man!. Can't believe the quality...Thank you!

Mark S.

Thanks so much, I’ve found it so interesting starting to use your method with Midjourney and really appreciate your thinking behind it all - it makes sense!

Nicky VdA

Wow! that's awesome...I had no idea but it makes so much sense now!

Joana G.

Co-Lab Design

Here's what some of my 1:1 Clients have to say about SEPI

Transform your Design Process
with Unmatched Clarity, Skills & the Confidence to create Stunning Images with any AI tool.

All for €78 ... €61

Use code "SUMMER" to get this discount. Valid until July 10th

So many of us, including myself, start experimenting with AI tools and immediately experience what I call FRUSTR-AI-TION because the images we envision and what AI generates just don't match.

ie. You have a clear Picture or idea in mind, you try to put it into words and describe it to ie. Midjourney, but the AI produces something completely different.


This happened to me too.. All the time. It was very frustrating.


This initial frustr-AI-tion happens because we don’t yet know how to communicate effectively with the AI tool. The SEPI Method removes this frustration by teaching you how to craft prompts correctly.

When this happened to me, I wanted to do something about it and find a structured method that works... and after a few months and thousands of Images... I came up with the SEPI Method.

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