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Transform Your Vision  into Your Dream Project using AI

Vision AIre Workshops

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Are you brimming with brilliant ideas but find yourself hitting roadblocks when it comes to visualising and bringing them to life? You're not alone. Whether it's grappling with inconsistent AI outcomes or struggling to materialize that elusive perfect visual, I understand the frustration.

The challenge is real: Turning abstract ideas into tangible concepts for living spaces.

That's where our workshop comes in. We're here to bridge the gap between your creative vision and its tangible realization

The VisionAIre Workshop isn’t just about learning to use AI — it’s a 3 hour deep dive into actual concept creation. Here, you’ll harness cutting-edge AI to sculpt the vibe and visuals of your very own dream projects. This is about more than tools; it’s about bringing your most ambitious design ideas to tangible visions, all within a nurturing space that transforms your creative process.


“There is so much potential that we can apply to our businesses with AI. For those looking to become the next leaders of the architecture and design world, you definitely need to take this class. Thank you Yani for opening my mind in the world of AI.”

— Albert A., Founder @ Accossa Lab

Workshop Schedule

Friday, April 19th 2024


Introduction To Concept Design, AI Tools & Sustainability
Concept Ideation, Tools, Prompting, SEPI Method


Hands-On session with Midjourney & Stable Diffusion
Midjourney Demonstration, Secrets of Concept Design, Hands-on Workshop


Prome AI, Runway for Advanced Workflows
Sketch to Render workflows, Animations, Advanced tools

“Working with Yani has taught me to translate what's on my mind into a clear and amazing concepts, that I can work from and showcase to clients. I am blown away by the amount of time I save and by the collaborative and co-creative power of AI.”


— Samantha T., Architectural Designer

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About Me

Yani Ernst

Hey! I’m your guide on this creative journey, and here’s the kicker — I’m not an architect, and you don’t need to be one either. Just over a year ago, I began using AI tools to help me design and visualise the concept for my own home in Bali.


Through working with AI, the workflow became so seamless and creative that my visions and projects quickly gained a lot of traction and positive feedback, leading to features in several top design magazines, and the creation of Studio 7.83.


Now, we create breathtaking concepts and design spaces for clients worldwide and I’m here to show you how you can do the same, whether its for yourself or for someone else.


Transform vision into reality, through clarity (& AI)

No architecture degree required.

Architect/Designer & founder of Studio 7.83

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